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Tourist Visas:

There are several million visitors a year who visit Canada, Australia, Europe etc. wanting to explore, do business, meet loved ones etc.

For applicants who intend to travel to Canada, Australia, Europe, UK, New Zealand or anywhere across the world as tourists. The visitor visa or Temporary Permit is country specific and may be for single entry, multiple entry or transit purposes. Generally, visitor visas may be granted for a renewable period of 6 months.

Spouse Visas:

There are several things that are necessary to understand before you decide to pursue spouse immigration. There are timelines that need to be met and it would also depend on whether the two of you are married or engaged at this particular time. The respective embassies will take a look at your relationship. You will be required to provide evidence that the relationship between you and your spouse is genuine and continuing.

Business/Investor Visas:

Business/Investor Visas allows the applicants to travel to foreign countries for the purpose of business meetings, seminars, conferences, consultation, buying goods or material etc. In this time period, clients are not allowed to work or get paid for services in foreign currency.

To help you gain the visa we advise you on compilation and submission of all required documents and supporting evidence. We have panel of Chartered accountants who helps in preparing the business financial documents.

we also assist the applicant in preparing for the business environment in that country, finding accommodation, and educational institutes for the children etc.


IELTS is an English Language Proficiency test that is required to be taken by non-native applicants who wants to study or immigration to various countries.

At Aryans International we prepare you for achieving IELTS score as per requirements mentioned for the respective visa categories. We have a reasonable track record for our IELTS training in the past. The courses includes:


The Listening classes teach you how to listen attentively and answer each of the different question types with step-by-step instructions and plenty of practice tests. You’ll learn what the Listening test is all about – what sort of questions and format to expect – and you’ll get expert tips.


The Reading classes will teach you how to understand a reading text and find information quickly and efficiently. We will guide you through the specific question types and how to answer them. You’ll find out what to expect in the Reading test, how to approach the different sections, and you’ll get plenty of expert tips and practice tests to fine tune your reading skills.


The Writing classes will help you prepare for the specific tasks that will be asked of you in the test. The lessons focus on improving the skills you will need and give you ideas on how to plan your answers. You’ll find out what to expect in the IELTS Writing test, what type of writing you’ll be asked to do and will get expert tips to make sure you don’t run out of time and that your answers are clear and focused.


The Speaking lessons focus on the specific parts of the IELTS Speaking test, with expert tips and practice tests which teach you how to respond. You’ll learn what questions to expect in the Speaking test, how to prepare, and what the examiner is looking for.


screenshotVocabulary exercises for IELTSThere are also IELTS Academic Skills & Vocabulary Lessons. To succeed in all four sections, examiners will be looking for proper vocabulary, grammar, and sentence structure. These vocabulary and academic skills lessons teach you what you need to know to properly demonstrate your English language ability in Listening, Reading, Writing, and Speaking. …with steps on how to complete them, common errors to avoid, and some tips to help you build skill and accuracy.

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